A tweetstorm from Freedom of the Press

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    1. On election night, we wrote that Donald Trump is an enemy of press freedom unlike any president in modern history https://t.co/FHPu6Aith4
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    2. The breadth and scope of Trump’s disdain for the First Amendment is almost hard to quantify. But we’re going to try right here.
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    3. Trump said he would "open up libel laws" so he can "can sue [news orgs covering him] and win lots of money" https://t.co/MQIT9w7MYe
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    4. During his campaign, Trump threatened to sue journalists or news orgs over a dozen times (that we know of) https://t.co/sk5NcJOGti
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    5. Trump has threatened to sue the @NYTimes and @WashingtonPost multiple times, plus @AP, @thedailybeast, @RollingStone, @HuffingtonPost...
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    6. ...@NBC, the National Hispanic Media Coalition, his former ghostwriter @tonyschwartz , author @DavidCayJ, and likely others we don't know
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    7. Trump's wife Melania Trump has threatened to sue at least nine news orgs, and actually filed a lawsuit against the Daily Mail & a blogger
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    8. She even threatened @people for merely describing when she allegedly bumped into a person on the street years ago https://t.co/npcoYzpBBk
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    9. One of Trump’s key transition members Peter Thiel secretly funded lawsuits to bankrupt a major news org this year https://t.co/sXG9GAfaFD
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    10. Trump’s camp banned so many journalists from campaign events that it was almost impossible to keep track. https://t.co/vhO1YLIkH8
  • 11. Trump publicly attacked many journalists by name at events, in behavior unseen on the campaign trail since Nixon https://t.co/bhnKfzVHNq
  • 12. A VICE reporter was arrested at a Trump campaign event while merely seeking media credentials. https://t.co/N54jTrZsMO
  • 13. After a terrorist attack in NYC in September, Trump blamed the bombings on "freedom of the press" https://t.co/JxyGMLlxiB
  • 14. Just a few weeks ago, Trump opined on why the First Amendment has "too much protection" for free speech https://t.co/3xevzOFY1l
  • 15. There’s no telling what Trump will do when he’s in office. But we promise @FreedomofPress will be there to fight any attack on the press
  • 16. Please consider donating to fight Trump’s attacks on press freedom. We need your help now more than ever. https://t.co/MPM0RZQnfy