A tweetstorm from Balaji S. Srinivasan

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    1/ This scene is actually pretty useful for understanding pseudonymity: http://t.co/3LuZyJBMQH Pseudonymity means immunity from the mob.
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    2/ As software eats world, online influences offline. More use of pseudonyms & aliases. Less use of "official" names, a social construct.
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    3/ That is, the entire concept of a "real" name was actually State-imposed: http://t.co/cC0czEhnKA http://t.co/dHyr0TFkL1
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    4/ "Seeing Like a State" is well worth reading, alongside "The Sovereign Individual." http://t.co/fCs7BiXy3H http://t.co/sKiRRAxMo3
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    5/ Pseudonymity + broadcast: novel & unprecedented combination. Can't kill messenger. Messenger can reach everyone. https://t.co/xEVT6ZiSAF
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    6/ We should think about making services more pseudonym friendly. Ask "real names" less - protect vs ID theft. Bitcoin makes more feasible.
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    7/ 20th c: don't get in cars with strangers - but tell everyone your name. 21st c: ride-share w/ high-rep strangers - but keep name private.
  • 8
    8/ Many services must start centralized & for-profit w/ "real" name. No prob. Eventually will decentralize, open-source, make pseud friendly
  • 9
    9/ In interim, could be interesting to create a http://t.co/yCqzNzHA6F-like service for instant namechange: https://t.co/RabysMBzkm