A tweetstorm from Dave McClure

  • 1
    1/ it might not be a bubble, but sure as hell the rent is too damn high.
  • 2
    2/ YOU might be worth a million (someday), but your pre-revenue company is not... and it def ain't worth $8-12M+ cap.
  • 3
    3/ current environment might not be a bubble (since it can easily be sustained 4 awhile), but at these prices investors will lose money.
  • 4
    4/ what is also fucked is with small exits $1-10M, founders may get $1M paydays but angel investors at $5-10M caps will lose money.
  • 5
    5/ many founders take this situation 4 granted, & they balk when we ask for min 2x return clauses on high cap debt if there's an early exit
  • 6
    6/ this is complete BULLSHIT: if founders don't feel like they are worth at least 2X their current cap, then WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I INVEST?
  • 7
    7/ we are NOT ur mom, we are NOT bankers, we are VENTURE CAPITALISTS -- greedy, blood-sucking, motherfuckin' Gordon Gekko CAPITALISTS.
  • 8
    8/ while we understand when founders FAIL (happens all the time), when u WIN, we damn sure want to WIN WITH YOU (even if you win *small*).
  • 9
    9/ so when u ask 4 a high cap but turn down min 2x clause, ur being a COWARDLY HYPOCRITE & saying "i'm gonna screw u if i get a small exit"
  • 10/ now you may not KNOWINGLY decide to FUCK your small investors over, but believe me acquirers will certainly TELL you to fuck us over.
  • 11/ how do we know this? because it's happened to us... about 10-20 times in the past few years on acqui-hires & smaller exits.
  • 12/ usually we swallow our pride, wish founders well, & hope they make some money (even if we don't) & come back 2 us 4 their next venture.
  • 13/ most investors don't dare say what i'm saying right now, bcz they don't want to piss off founders & lose a shot at the next unicorn.
  • 14/ but the truth of the matter is angels & small investors get FUCKED all the time by high cap debt, & founders don't seem 2 give a shit.
  • 15/ so when u hear me bitch about ur high cap deal, understand WHY i'm bitching & think about end game if/when u don't sell 4 a billion $.
  • 16/ now i'll shut the fuck up abt getting screwed over on high cap deals, & politely tell u why we ask 4 that min 2X clause on early exits.
  • 17/ in summary: i love u ALL, ur worth untold BILLIONS of dollars, and i REALLY REALLY want to get in your hot sexy deal. see u in Austin!
  • 18/ peace out, #TheRentIsTooDamnHigh.
  • .@davemcclure just worry about trying to make 10,000x sometimes, and let founders who work really hard for years w/small exit keep the money