A tweetstorm from Paul Krugman

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    Some morning-after thoughts: what hits me and other so hard isn't just the immense damage Trump will surely do, to climate above all 1/
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    There's also a vast disillusionment that as of now I think of as the end of the romantic vision of America (which I still love) 2/
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    What I mean is the notion of US history as a sort of novel in which there may be great tragedy, but there's always a happy ending 3/
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    That is, we tell a story in which at times of crisis we always find the leader -- Lincoln, FDR -- and the moral courage we need. 4/
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    It's a kind of American exceptionalism; other countries don't tell that kind of story about themselves. But I, like others, believed it 5/
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    Now it doesn't look very good, does it? But giving up is not an option. The world needs a decent, democratic America, or we're all lost 6/
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    And there's still a lot of decency in the nation -- just not as dominant as I imagined. Time to rethink, for sure. But not to surrender 7/
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    Ending the American Romance https://t.co/yfXSte9lGe