A tweetstorm from Paul Krugman

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    People who say that Trump won because Dems neglected the interests of the white working class should look at Clay County KY 1/
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    It's 94% white. and a huge beneficiary of Obamacare -- uninsured rate fell from 27% in 2013 to 10% this year 2/
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    It also voted 86% for Trump. So what more should Dems have done, exactly? It's true that they didn't promise the coal jobs back 3/
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    But that's because nobody can honestly make that promise. So, are Dems supposed to have a platform based on promising the impossible? 4/
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    We can ask what motivated the vote in such places. But they were big beneficiaries of Dem policies. That's not condescension, just truth 5/
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    Another thought on places like rural eastern Kentucky, which voted massively against their own interests by going Trump 1/
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    One thing you hear -- I get it a lot -- is that liberals are condescending snobs who don't respect these people. But if you want to see 2/
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    incredible condescension, dismissing white poverty as a moral failing, read what conservatives have to say, e.g. 3/ https://t.co/Twol5cCavL
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    Why do such people get worked up over liberals who they imagine consider them stupid 4/
  • but keep voting for conservatives who say, outright, that they're lazy? 5/