A tweetstorm from Paul Krugman

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    OK, this is terrifying 1/ https://t.co/qnh6jd4Mom
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    The worst is that given the role of Russian hackers in the campaign, it's all too plausible. That doesn't mean it's true. 2/
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    But now that it's out there, I'd say that an independent investigation is called for. Not sour grapes -- we *need* to clear this shadow 3/
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    Honestly, I think I'd prefer to give election a clean bill of health, even though overturning would give it to the popular vote winner 4/
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    But as I said, it's out there. Without an investigation, the suspicion of a hacked election will never go away 5/
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    Maybe a false alarm? But needs to be aired. https://t.co/JzgAf1TCJY