A tweetstorm from Marc Andreessen

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    1/Since people asked, a quick summary of my own views about economic development over the next several decades:
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    2/We need a lot more economic growth for the benefit of everyone, including and especially for lower-income people here and everywhere.
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    3/We also need a lot more technological advancement and productivity improvements for the benefit of everyone, again including the poorest.
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    4/Further, the good news story of our time is the global rise of billions of people out of poverty. We need this to continue, not reverse.
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    5/Theories and policies that push us backwards toward more stasis, stagnation, and statism are both counterproductive and immoral.
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    6/None of this is to dismiss the wrenching consequences that individuals may experience during a time of rapid economic change.
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    7/For that reason, it is both sensible and moral to couple full-throttle technological capitalism with a strong, rigorous social safety net.
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    8/And in fact, rapid economic growth and technological progress is precisely what makes a strong, rigorous social safety net affordable.
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    9/We can in fact have our cake and eat it too. Last 500 years have clearly shown that democratic capitalism is a non-zero-sum phenomenon.