A tweetstorm from Marc Andreessen

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    1/A story of unbundling in the tech industry: 20 years of consumer Internet evolution -- http://t.co/qUCWjc4wkF
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    2/One upon a time there was AOL, which was a completely integrated Internet access/information/communication service.
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    3/Then Yahoo came along and unbundled the information/communication parts like email/IM/sports-scores/stock-quotes from the access service.
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    4/One of the things you could do on Yahoo was search, then Google came along and unbundled that.
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    5/You can search for anything on Google, including people; Facebook came along with a much better way to just search for people.
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    6/Three things you can do on Facebook are messaging, photo sharing, and status updates; therefore Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter.
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    7/And yes, Yo unbundles the creation & existence of a message from the contents of a message, unbundling Whatsapp and Twitter :-).
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    8/Ev Williams (@ev) is the modern genius of this concept--playing out in our industry continuously since the 1950's. http://t.co/p6DzO6tGbL
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    9/The part people often miss is that you can get extremely powerful second/third order effects at each step with his pattern.
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    10/The entrepreneurs generally have a pretty good sense of this when they're doing it, but it doesn't become clear to others until later.
  • 11/This is a pattern what we love to fund: unbundle X from Y, but then use the liberation of X as leverage to do amazing new things with X.
  • 12/And the howls of press and analyst outrage at the apparent stupidity of each unbundling are very helpful for keeping valuations down :-).