A tweetstorm from Marc Andreessen

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    1/Few intellectual concepts in our time have been mangled by observers more than Clay Christensen's disruption idea. Some thoughts:
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    2/CC: "A disruptive innovation gives new consumers access to product historically only available to consumers with a lot of money or skill."
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    3/CC: "Disruptors offer a different set of product attributes valued only in new markets remote from, and unimportant to, the mainstream."
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    4/The key attribute of disruptive innovation is a new product for a previously underserved market--typically cheaper than existing product.
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    5/This is inherently pro-consumer: Disruptive innovation only works if customers buy it--and if they do, lives improved vs prior status quo.
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    7/It's a fabricated myth that disruptive innovation is about destruction: It's about creation--new products, new choices, for more people.
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    8/Later, of course, new product often evolves to squarely take on incumbents serving established customers--cheaper & better for them too!
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    9/Disruptive innovation shrinks inequality, by bringing to lower-income consumers things that only richer consumers had access to before.
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    10/If you are reading this, many of the things you own that make your life better are the result of prior disruptive innovation.
  • 11/Printing press disrupted books from scribes; recorded music disrupted live concerts in homes, washing machines disrupted live-in maids.
  • 12/Rich people always had books, music, clean clothes, etc.; disruptive innovation made these things available to many more people.
  • 13/In exact same way, sub-$50 smartphones as disruptive innovation to PCs bringing computing & Internet to far more people than status quo.
  • 14/To be FOR disruption is to be FOR consumer choice, FOR more people bring served, and FOR shrinking inequality.
  • 15/To be AGAINST disruption is to be AGAINST consumer choice, AGAINST more people bring served, and AGAINST shrinking inequality.
  • 16/If we want to make the world a better and more equal place--the more Christensen-style disruption, and the faster, the better!
  • @pmarca: Summarized: Cheaper luxury/essentials + Wide accessibility + Better job creation = Disruption