A tweetstorm from Marc Andreessen

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    1/Sharing economy services like AirBnB, Lyft, Uber, et al reduce income inequality, as follows:
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    2/Once upon a time, only rich people who could afford to build hotels could offer rooms for guests to rent.
  • 3
    3/Thanks to AirBnB, now anyone with a home or apartment can offer a room for rent. Hence, income inequality reduced.
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    4/Once upon a time, only rich people who could afford to buy a taxi fleet or medallion could offer car rides to other passengers.
  • 5
    5/Thanks to Lyft and Uber, now anyone with a car can offer rides to other passengers. Hence, income inequality reduced.
  • 6
    6/The same dynamic of reduced income inequality will play out in each new sharing category. Delivery, field service, personal care, etc.
  • 7
    7/This expansion of economic oppy and reduction of inequality is direct result of widespread deployment of disruptive tech: the smartphone.
  • 8
    8/As history has repeatedly shown, putting means of production - technology - in the hands of the masses increases their oppy and income.
  • 9
    9/And since we are at the very beginning of understanding the full range of real world applications of the new wave of technology...
  • 10/We are also at the very start of the creation of thousands of new opportunities for economic growth and progress for huge #s of people.